The Claim Timeline

Immediately: Get medical treatment. Tell your supervisor about the accident and how it occurred. You must also notify your employer of the accident, in writing, within 30 days. You should file a C-3 form with the Board, too.

Within 48 hours of treatment: Your doctor files a medical report with the Board. Copies must also be sent to you and your representative, and to the employer or its insurance carrier.

Within 10 days of the accident: The employer reports the injury to the Board and the insurer.

Within 14 days of receiving accident notification: The insurer gives you a written statement of your legal rights within 14 days of learning of the accident or with the first check, whichever is earlier. If you must use its provider network, the insurer must also give you that contact information.

Within 18 days of the accident: The insurer must accept your claim or explain why it disputes it. It must inform you, any representative and the Workers’ Compensation Board. If you didn’t notify the employer promptly, it must act within 10 days of learning of the accident. If the case is disputed and you’re losing time from work, file for disability benefits.

Every 2 weeks: The insurer pays lost wage benefits to you (if the case is accepted). It will pay your healthcare providers directly. The insurer must notify the Board if it stops or modifies your benefits.

Periodically: See your doctor and get treatment as recommended. The doctor will submit progress reports to the Board and the insurer.